Welcome to the New Year

Welcome to 2019 and a new year of career commitments. The start of the new year is the perfect opportunity to reflect on how your past has given shape to your future ambitions. It’s also a chance to think about your goals for the coming year and what career resolutions you can set to achieve those goals. As cliché as it sounds, resolutions do serve as a good starting point to your lists of achievements for the year. Begin your year productively by thinking about what you would like to accomplish. If you can stick to a few small, achievable goals, you will be able to visualise your success, and this will manifest great changes in your career on a realistic level.

Career goals take thought, strategy and time. Start by making simple, small changes to get you into the swing of it, and along the way you can build on what you achieve. Your goals shouldn’t be something that has an end date! Progress is incremental and taking chances should be a lifelong commitment. Stay on track of your New Year’s resolutions by monitoring your progress as you go. Set incremental goals you can achieve within a short time; your confidence will build as you visualise your progress and will only motivate you more.

What do you hope to achieve this year? Having professional resolutions can help you advance at your work, for example, if you’re looking to launch a new venture or advance your career. Think about what it is that you want to achieve and set your mind to it. Start working towards that goal, and if your work is progressing and you love it, that’s great. Similar principals apply for achieving your health goals as well.  Leave complacency behind and see the New Year as an opportunity to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. If you want to develop a new skill, gather what you need and learn what it takes to gain the skill. The market is always changing and there is always new technology entering the business sphere. Work on your skills and expertise constantly, invest in yourself and work on it one thing at a time.

The resolutions you set at the start of the year have the potential to transform many areas of your life. Begin now and check in regularly. To me resolutions only work if they become part of me, meaning they work only when they become a habit. Every resolution that you set will have to be as important as a daily activity you do. Proportion or the amount of activity is not important – consistency is. Resolutions will stick only if you think they are important enough for you to make a habit of it.

For me – this year I am committing myself to learning, understanding and applying myself towards reducing waste. During the holiday period I read some truly disturbing facts about the amount of waste developed world generates daily. This could be a very challenging task for someone like me – who likes everything in abundance, but I think I am going to honestly commit to this cause – without trying to come in anyone else’s way. I am currently working on an active plan on this front and will share more as I have created one for me. Very excited for 2019 I am hoping you are too!

Did you know the year 1895 had exact same calendar year as 2019 – I know you will google it! All the best for 2019.