Founder | Investor | Entrepreneur | Technology Enthusiast


Founder | Investor | Entrepreneur | Technology Enthusiast


Founder | Investor | Technology Enthusiast | Entrepreneur

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Amjad is an Australian business entrepreneur, investor and technology enthusiast. Learn about his early beginnings growing up in India, to his personal education in the USA and his awards and achievements for his contributions to the Australian International education sector. This site provides insight into his experience gained from having business mentors, what inspires him to succeed and his core values around community and family. Amjad believes personal core values can translate into your professional life.

Amjad works on projects across many industries and has an enthusiastic interest in technology. He keeps up to date on technology trends and engages in conversation on TwitterLinkedIn and Google Plus. You can follow him on his social media platforms to see regular updates about what he is interested in and what he thinks will make a difference in an industry that’s flooded with information.

Read the Amjad Khanche Blog for thoughts and insights from one of Australia’s leading business entrepreneurs. Follow his journey through life as he shares his past experiences and navigates a path of new ventures, inspiring innovations, technology interests and life lessons. Join the conversation, share, comment and contribute.


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Amjad is the founding Director and CEO of 9East Marketing Services, a consultancy that works to solve problems for their clients. Their services include management consulting, strategic business planning, staff training planning and marketing and technology solutions. No matter how well you think your business is travelling, there may be gaps in your day to day operations. 9East Marketing Services can help you identify these gaps and close them. Contact Amjad Khanche to book an appointment today and learn how to achieve the next goal in your business plan.


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Attitude is Everything! Whether you are in the corporate world for the long term or the short term, playing it smart will help many things fall into place. It will help you thrive in your team without losing your motivation or even your sanity. Without the everyday worries damaging your motivation, you may even improve your performance and accomplish more in your day-to-day. One of the keys to doing this is by trying to care less about the nonessentials. This includes the gossip that can float around the office, [...]

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Welcome to the New Year Welcome to 2019 and a new year of career commitments. The start of the new year is the perfect opportunity to reflect on how your past has given shape to your future ambitions. It’s also a chance to think about your goals for the coming year and what career resolutions you can set to achieve those goals. As cliché as it sounds, resolutions do serve as a good starting point to your lists of achievements for the year. Begin your year productively by thinking [...]

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Motivation and Holiday Spirit The Christmas period is a busy time for businesses that are planning for the coming year and are dealing with multiple end of year holiday requests resulting in short staff and more work with tight deadlines as usual – typically trying to complete a 22 working day month in a maximum of 15 working days. It is also a special time of the year for many people hence a bit of distraction from work is only natural. This often makes it difficult to keep productivity [...]

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Leadership Traits for Start-ups For your startup to grow, it needs to be open to different methods, styles and procedures. It’s refreshing to read about so many start up these days and in general start up environment is meeting a lot more success than what it has in the past few decades. Adaptability is an absolute necessary ingredient when you get on with a leadership challenge. But in addition to that there are mainly three natural or acquired traits such as empathy, listening and collaboration skills that must be [...]

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