Amjad Khanche credits strong mentorship and guidance as critical elements for success, stating, “A mentor has the ability to provide experience and knowledge, having forged the path beforehand. You can learn from these people who through actual experience, can impart information to encourage both personal and business growth.”

In 2002, Amjad met Das Menon (1951-2013), an entrepreneur who worked in the healthcare industry. They formed a strong bond as Das took Amjad under his wing. From Das, he learnt how to build business relationships, the art of selling successfully and the principles of karma.

As Das expanded his business portfolio, so too did Amjad. He learned how to build businesses in a variety of industries. They went into business together within the medical imaging, hospitality and education sectors.

Throughout their working career, Amjad learned the importance of maintaining relationships and providing extra service for added value where you can, to help nurture the relationship.

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One of the most important quotes he retained from his good friend was “Good things happen to good people”. This phrase had a positive influence on Amjad, who would continue to maintain this philosophy in relation to his work and personal life.

Other mentors for Amjad include the inspirational leader of India’s independence movement and non-violent activist, Mahatma Gandhi, for his dedication to liberating India. A great leader, inspirational speaker of truth and peace, and a brilliant example of success while staying true to his beliefs.

Further, he recognises his mother-in-law, Chitra Deshpande, for her encouragement, guidance and endless support.

In return, Amjad provides mentorship to each of his employees and promotes their further development through education, learning and work opportunities. Amjad Khanche lives by a strong work ethic and the mantra “Work hard, stay humble”.

You can read more about how Amjad’s mentors have inspired him to build his community on the Amjad Khanche Community page.

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