Amjad Khanche attributes a strong sense of community to building company success. “It’s a necessary element in business. Without a support network, it is hard to make it on your own.”

Amjad immigrated to Australia in 2002 and found great support amongst the established Indian community. His extended family and relations continue to provide him with security and encouragement.

Centred on the goal of instilling community in all work environments he creates, Amjad says, “It is the best thing you can do for someone, giving them a sense of belonging.”

He improves this sense of belonging by dedicating more time to team initiatives. Coming together as a team is a strong way to bring a sense of community to the workplace. He says that this creates a happier, healthier team of people who are inspired to perform at their very best.



Networking is a crucial skill for any entrepreneur. Creating a network or building a useful network will help propel a business. It’s important to note that building a network is just as much about helping out the people you connect with, as it is finding solutions to your own problems.

Amjad Khanche and his team have worked together to build a ‘community’ app to help connect colleagues, clients and partners. The app aims to promote building better working relationships by creating access to a partnership network, opportunities for joint ventures and connecting like-minded people.

Within his work at 9East Marketing Services, Amjad has had the opportunity to develop lasting business connections throughout the world. Whether it is establishing a call centre in Manila or creating a client relationship management system in India, Amjad’s liaison with key partners has helped businesses to either setup whole operations or grow and expand.

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