In business, Amjad Khanche works intentionally to create an environment in which team members feel comfortable. He actively focuses on creating a place that feels like home and that staff enjoy being at every day.  He says, “When staff are happy in their environment, they are more productive and supportive of each other.”

Amjad believes in using small incentives to create a social setting that helps to bring a culture of inclusivity. He considers this a very important attribute to have in the workforce.

For instance, within his previous business, he created zen-like spaces for relaxation along with modern facilities, state-of-the-art kitchens, corporate meeting rooms and breakout areas to encourage community like gatherings. Staff retention strategies included social events, professional training, courses, recreational games and competitions with rewards. As a result, staff enjoyed attending work and it was common to hear them relating to other staff as ‘family’.

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At the age of nine, Amjad Khanche was working for a family member within their catering business and was responsible for large-scale Indian celebratory events. An intense pressure not usually given to children.

Undoubtedly, this had a lasting effect on him. It would later prove to be one of the motivators for him to create a positive environment for his employees and own family.

Whilst his early upbringing was hard, laden with much responsibility at an early age, it can also be attributed to providing him with valuable business training that would mould his future entrepreneurial path. The skills developed within this defining period would later prove useful for creating business prosperity.

Amjad Khanche today is a dedicated father and husband, working hard to provide for his family. He is committed to his wife and two daughters and providing unconditional support and love. He holds the idea of family in high regard and places great focus and importance on creating a life of happiness, purpose and care.

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