Amjad Khanche is a technology enthusiast and is currently working on many technology innovation products. He enjoys learning the trends that technology is taking to work more efficiently and see success and progress.

The skills and knowledge Amjad developed through years of experience has enabled him to see the big picture mapped out for technology needs. Amjad is passionate about finding new and effective ways to solve problems and help others to reach their goals.

Amjad believes that creating new technologies requires the passion to dig deep and find a unique niche for the software being developed. He applies this importance to his personal projects, and constantly pushes himself to begin a challenging product and see it through to the end.

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In 2017, Amjad released a software product which is currently in beta testing. With this product, Amjad Khance hopes to make a difference by empowering the end user with long term benefits and solutions to common problems.

In 2018, Amjad was able to harness and fulfil his enthusiasm for community. Amjad released another product that aims to bring a sense of community to users by allowing them to connect with others and share new memories.

Amjad is currently working on multiple other software products for the service industry, education industry and the real estate industry.

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