Speaking Your Mind

The act of saying what you think is often easier in theory than it is in practice. However, there those out there who, like myself, find it easy to speak their mind. These people are diplomatic, kind and powerful, yet they believe their opinion is just as valuable as anyone else’s and is therefore worth sharing. If you, however, find it difficult to voice your true feelings and thoughts, I invite you to try a different method. I suggest you begin with the following.

Where there is a benefit, there is also a cost. While holding back your true thoughts may benefit another person, this act comes at a cost for you. For one, it can cause resentment to build up because your true opinion is not being considered by the other person, since you are suppressing it. To become the type of person who always says what they really think, you need to reflect on the cost of supressing your thoughts. What is this costing you in the workplace, at home, among your network and in other areas of your life? Decide if you want to remove these costs from your life or keep the benefits – it is your choice to make, and most of the time you can’t have both.

Once you have decided to be more authentic towards those in your life, it is time to put this into practice. If there is a colleague that you rarely express your opinions to, next time they ask you a question, let them know what you really think. Do this little by little, once a day for a week, and observe what happens. See how you feel when you speak your mind, and notice that only positives come out of it.

I want you to remember that this is about building your confidence over a period, rather than all at once. Take small risks each day and observe how it feels. Keep this up every day and you will soon find yourself comfortable with expressing your thoughts during business negotiations, conversations with your colleagues, with friends and at home. It is life changing to move away from the costs of staying silent, and you will find yourself reaping greater benefits than ever before.

Take these steps and you will find your relationships are closer and your business is stronger. You will find yourself, and others, commenting on how you seem like a changed individual. Don’t wait another second to start speaking your mind.

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