My Leadership Lessons

Part Two (2)

I’ve had the privilege in my life to have inspiring leaders and share in leading alongside great partners in business. For this reason, I have listed below some key lessons for leadership that I have either learnt along the way, provided or received personally. Whether you are in a management position or looking to progress in your career, I hope you will find these useful:

1. Create a vision

There is nothing more infectious than your own belief in a product, service or business. As mentioned in the introduction of this blog, as a person in a senior position you can and will be looked at to inspire a team or company at one point or another. Define the goal and mission early. Make sure all that you hire within the business are aligned with this goal too. Reengage that vision of the mission with staff regularly to make sure you stay on track.

2. Keep informed

The most important thing to know is that ‘you can’t know everything’ but you can certainly try. To stay ahead of the industry you’re in, whether it’s hospitality, education, health or media, no matter the area, you must know what is happening. Continuously educate yourself and encourage your staff to take the same action. An invested staff member is an investment in the company.

I am an avid reader of the news. Not just what is happening presently but educating myself in the history of a company or industry. I have a keen interest in emerging markets, so I make it my goal to stay up to date with anything new entering the spaces I am invested in or interested in. Subscribe to newsletters and/or join social groups, whatever it takes.

3. Do as I say and as I do

Lead by example. Be a mentor. Even if you do not feel you have anything to add, as a person at the helm of a company or, as someone in a management position you can bet all eyes are on you. I had a great mentor early on who guided me in the ways of business. I eventually went into business with him and together we had many successes. To this day I still heed his wise words.

4. Be Curious

You might be asking how this is different from number 2 above, Keep Informed, but from my point of view, this is a totally different thing. Having curiosity will take you from simply having knowledge on a topic to exploring and delving deep. Being curious shows motivation. Curiosity will have you asking questions that lead to things you didn’t know existed. To quote Albert Einstein “Curiosity has its own reason for existing”.

5. Surround yourself with experts

If you have the ability to hire expert staff, do it. If you’re just starting out and you can’t take on full-time members for each area of the business, seek external advice. An expert will have a resume of experience and should have relevant examples that prove their knowledge and skills. Ask them about their successes and have them detail you about their process. This will provide good insight into the way they operate and if they have complete end-to-end understanding.

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