Managers Must Earn Respect

Managers in the workplace must play the unique role of creating a positive team culture while instilling a productive and high-performance mindset within staff. Managers must, at the same time, work on the business and actively help it to grow. This is why it is important for managers to quickly earn trust from other staff members; doing so inspires collaboration and teamwork which is important for business success.

Building rapport is not always easy, but by listening to your staff, taking notes and following through with requests, you show that you have what it takes to meet staff demands and help them to be more successful. An effective manager can engage with different situations and personalities. Instead of viewing someone as a difficult person, for example, think about how you can empower them to achieve greater success.

It is good to be authentically and politically correct. Be mindful that you are always doing what is right and be willing to make trade-offs so that new opportunities can arise later down the path. Exercise better judgement and learn how to pick and choose your battles. It is all about supporting your staff, so choose methods that can create the most harmony.

Establish your credibility by staying true to your word, always following up and having a reputation of always getting things done. Earn respect from your staff through performance. Serve as a mentor to your colleagues while driving great business results. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get dirty! Also, make sure you are consistent in your approach; the way you get results, how you operate and how you build relationships and teams. A good manager has no hidden agendas!

Become an effective manager by engaging in conflict resolution. Empower your colleagues to make recommendations and suggestions. Whenever you can, help others find an immediate resolution to their problems. These managers see conflict as an opportunity for their teams to learn new things and develop stronger relationships.

Most importantly, the most effective way to earn respect is by being a strong communicator. Always take your time to communicate with different people across all levels of your company. This will help you gain credibility, which will make it easier for your team to learn to trust you.

I believe all effective managers must develop people skills, inspire others and drive results. Doing these five things has helped me develop my career as a business leader, and I believe this will help you as well.