Enhancing Team Communication

Smart communicators work hard to break through the noise. They are always thinking about how they can best make their messages targeted, relevant and get it shared through the right technology. They can try personalising the way they communicate, but is this enough? Maybe your reach and engagement metrics say you need to do more. This is where team communication tools come in. And to make their use more effective, you need to ensure your team finds them enjoyable.

Engage people

One of the great things about communication tools is that they deliver targeted communications that can be quite interactive. Teams can share great visuals, and respond to others with words, emojis or images. It adds an element of fun to team communications, and gives your team members many ways to reply and contribute to conversations.

Pushing for adoption

For some teams, all they want is an app that’ll add ease and help them break down barriers to communication. However, team technology works well when employees use it to collaborate with different departments, remote workers and even their clients. You can even use our app to send out reminders to your whole team about upcoming events in your building! This prevents teams from needing to switch between different platforms, and this is what drives adoption.

“What’s in it for me?”

If your team member is asking this question, what you want to do is show them the quick access benefits they get. They’ll be thrilled to see what this can do for them, and how it will transform the way they communicate. Are they normally a quiet contributor, or bad at updating team members with important information? Communication tools are a quick and effective solution to common communication problems, and your team member will enjoy easy access to its benefits.