Benefits of Office Chat

Does workplace banter distract you from your work? Studies show that there are surprising cognitive benefits to engaging in some amount of socialisation at work. In fact, some of these studies have found that work chat fosters more engaged and committed team members. More workforces are concentrating on collaboration, incentives and the formation of meaningful connections that go beyond the office space. Consider this research on the benefits of office chat:

The cognitive benefits

A recent study by the University of Michigan involved a group of participants who were asked to get acquainted with other participants for 10 minutes. Following this, they were given rewards. A second group of participants were given the task of engaging in competition-based conversation. The study found that the first group achieved significantly better results in the cognitive tests. The researchers noted progress in executive functioning, which is the part of the brain responsible for organisation, planning and focus, which are vital skills for the workplace. So, this essentially means that small talk can improve your work performance.

Better relationships improve satisfaction

A study by Globoforce found that 89% of respondents believe that strong workplace relationships increase their productivity and performance. In addition to this, establishing workplace relationships leads to commitment to the company which improves retention and turnover rates. Encouraging conversation in the office has been found to improve the workplace without damaging overall productivity. Engaging in casual conversations will see your focus and work efficiency rise. By exhibiting the capacity to relate to those you work with, you feel as though your workmates relate to you, and this is necessary for fostering engagement.

Make the most of this chance to connect with your team in a new and profound way. You’ll find that office chat will make your collaborative work easier and more enjoyable.