Create a Happy Workplace

Workplace culture has a bigger impact on a company’s success than most people believe. More businesses have started recognising that they need to put more efforts towards retaining valuable staff and encouraging uninspired team members to step up. Creating an attractive office space and putting together yearly performance reviews can help keep them content, but this might not increase their motivation to help your business succeed. Create a happy workplace culture deliberately and do not rush it. Begin by doing small things every week to make your staff feel like a big, happy family.

Many team members don’t enjoy going back to work on Monday, so I suggest you make Mondays something special for them. This can be something easy like offering breakfast in the office, so your staff can sit down and eat together before beginning their day. It will encourage camaraderie and start the work week with a positive vibe.

Your company’s project management system can be used for more than just task reminders. Weekly or daily check-ins will help keep the whole team updated on company news. Encourage staff to share their work plans for the day and how they are feeling – expressing their feelings can help you identify anything that may be affecting their productivity and performance.

Failure breeds innovation, so encourage your team members to chat about their weekly wins and fails. Staff should feel comfortable to discuss with you their successes and failures. View their failures as learning opportunities and show them that they can ask for help without fear of being penalised.

At the end of the week, your team members are exhausted from the hard week and are ready to go home. Showing some gratitude by celebrating the end of the week doesn’t hurt! Doing this can show your staff how much their contributions are appreciated and show that you know how important their weekends are to them. What you choose to do is up to you and your team but making a little effort will go a long way.

Happy staff are loyal staff, and these little acts can boost your workplace culture tremendously. Consider implementing one of these at your workplace to turn your team into one big happy family.