Amjad Khanche on Leadership

Part One (1)

As a 40 year old serial entrepreneur with several successful businesses behind me, and several currently in place I am keenly aware of the impact I have on others when managing, directing or starting one of my businesses.

Each venture is not without careful consideration and planning. The concept of starting something new for some can be the most daunting of tasks, whilst for others (like myself) it’s an adventure I enjoy, and a process I have become very familiar with.

From concept to implementation it all starts with an idea which I am happy to say I have many of. Yet adversely means I often have the hardest challenge of knowing which one to begin first. Usually it will be the one that impacts me the most, but ultimately solves the biggest problem.

For example, I will often highlight a downfall within a service that I would like to improve. It’s usually something I’ve personally experienced. Often been frustrated by, or something I thought could get that little bit better development.

It could require development of something that doesn’t exist or modifying a practice that no longer works. Either way, I always look for the opportunity to solve the problem first. Then I look at the most efficient way to do this.

From this point, it can move to research. Understanding the industry, the landscape, the other players and looking at the potential for market share (not necessarily in this order). And as a quick learner, with a metaphorical lesson book always in hand, I have learnt great lessons from this way of thinking and cultivated great successes.

No matter what project I am undertaking I find strong leadership is one of the key formulas for creating a profitable outcome. And, whilst I believe great leadership is having the ability to inspire and motivate others, I also know not every lesson is learnt, in the perfect execution of a task or carefully structured class.

And while motivating people is high on the list, having a positive effect on people is an objective in every action I take, it is human to know that in fact, some things are learnt when you least expect it. Because I know this is a fact, I am especially aware that it is in the things that you don’t do, that leadership can shine most bright.

Remember that manager or boss that showed limited support or didn’t walk the talk of the corporate culture they sprouted? Was there a constant feeling of dissonance in the workplace? It’s important that whatever leadership you give or receive, it is provided in a congruent and authentic manner.


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