Why I Meditate

To manage the stress of your day-to-day work, I suggest turning to mediation. If you have never meditated before, you may wonder why anyone would simply sit there and meditate. If you are a compulsive do-er, you may find it challenging to begin meditating, because where is the productivity in doing it? But once meditation becomes a part of your daily routine, it will re-direct your life and enable you to achieve great success.

Meditation can create for you an oasis of silence, which offers your mind a space in which to decompress. This is important in this age of technology and information overload. Although meditation itself is not about actively attempting to make something happen, the thoughts, emotions and sensation it brings you can stir great innovative thought and solutions.

Whether you work in business or run your own, you’re constantly putting yourself outside your comfort zone. For many, this will come with moments of self-doubt or fear. It is common for your inner critic to come out and attempt to save you from potential failure. The challenge with this is that it’s easy to be fooled into listening to those compelling negative thoughts, which are usually unnecessary, but are generated by your underlying fear of failing. Meditating helps you to understand why you think what you do, leading you to understand that your thoughts may be real but they are not necessarily true. This enables you to move away from unhelpful thinking that would otherwise prevent you from taking action towards your goals.

Many times, you must create your own path, without any guarantee that’ll end well. When you work relentlessly to reach your goals, investing great time and energy, there will be occasions that trigger uncertainty, anxiety, confusion and self-doubt. Through meditation, you learn to give space to challenging emotions and find a productive way to manage them. You increase your self-awareness, enabling you to tune into what’s happening and make more effective decisions, rather than reacting on autopilot.

Meditation is a powerful thing to do, as it brings your mind into a healthy, balanced state that protects you from the long-term effects of stress. There have been many studies conducted that reveal that meditation impacts your mind and body down to the level of gene expression in a way that counteracts the effects of stress.

Clear your mind and begin achieving more success in work and in life.