Relaxation After Work

Chill + RELAX = Chillax! 

If you have been experiencing a stressful day at work, it is time for some relaxation after work. One of those days where nothing goes the way you had hoped, and there seems to be one crisis after another or even easiest of things start looking difficult – just learn to take a step back. There are days when deadlines are missed, someone makes a large mistake, or events occur where we feel as if we are being constantly sabotaged. By the end of this work day, it is easy and understandable to be stressed and exhausted, so make sure you stop talking about it and relax or even better – chillax.  

Sometimes it can be challenging to even enter a state of relaxation after work. This can be because you are bringing work home with you, both mentally and physically. If it is possible, I suggest leaving your physical work in the office. Log out of your work email account, leave documents and computers at your desk, and cut yourself off from work communications until the next morning. In the later stages of my work life when things got very stressful – I didn’t mind doing couple more hours at work but when I leave from work, I left everything behind till next day.  

Mentally leaving work can be more challenging than this for some people, especially when a deadline is approaching, or a project requires urgent completion or a crisis where nobody else can fill in. If you regularly practice after-work activities such as meditation, reading, socialising, gym or taking a long bath, you can train yourself over time to unwind. Couching in front off streaming options although works for some people but I must admit it is not a long term solution. Some kind of activity with commitment always works. 

Although staying back and working late to meet deadlines can be a productive way to relieve stress, it is not a sustainable method. After a difficult day, I like to cook to help myself relax, and the soft rhythm of measuring, chopping and stirring brings a sense of commitment as well as a kind of silence to my mind. It is a similar feeling to going for a leisurely walk or reading a new book.  

Not all activities offer enduring peace; watching television and eating junk food may not offer the same effect of taking the edge off as cooking or something with a bit more commitment may. For some people cooking itself may sound very stressful or a chore that they don’t particularly enjoy – so don’t do it, anything with similar sentiment you should avoid at all costs. It’s counter productive to try something harder or something that you are not interested in. Figure out what interest you outside of work, as it comes from listening to oneself and engaging with what you believe is good for you and will make you happy, what you know will help your mind to wander into interesting places at its own stride. Try doing it, it’s worth it! 

Understanding how to relax will be different for everyone, but by taking the time to see what does and doesn’t work to relieve your stress levels is an exercise worth doing.  

What relaxes you?