Motivation at Work

Those hours you dedicate to your work, and the high levels of stress you may experience, can get to you at some stage in your career. There may even be times when you become complacent in your workplace, the lack of challenges leading you to experience boredom. Even the world’s biggest players experience demotivation, tiredness and overall burn out. It is impossible to guarantee that your next job will be different; so rather than searching for a new job opportunity, consider what strategies may help you keep motivated.

Sure, salary can definitely motivate someone to work harder. If you don’t pay a team member enough to cover their basic needs, salary can become a big motivator of that person. Once your basic needs are met and money is off the table, the way you stay motivated changes. We as humans are pushed by values or drivers that we connect with – such as the need to help others. However, this can often be at odds with what be believe measures success. Money and position are often seen as symbols of success, and sure, many people have the goal to achieve these things, but what is beneath those rewards that keeps us motivated?

What I have learned is that many of us favour overcoming a challenge over receiving a reward. Think back to a time when you were the most motivated and reflect on the goal you accomplished. What was the most rewarding part: overcoming the challenge or receiving a prize and recognition? Understanding what motivates you at work will help you overcome feelings of stress and disillusion.

Many of us enjoy pursuing goals that challenge our capabilities. When we have too little challenge, this can lead to boredom in the workplace, which can add to our stress and tiredness. Think about whether your daily tasks are challenging you or if they are simple and repetitive. Is each day different, or are you simply going through the motions? At the same time, reflect on how many opportunities you have to work with others. Opportunities for competition and cooperation can help you build meaning and purpose, which is important for motivation.

Life is supposed to be lived with energy and excitement; not just going through the motions to get paid. If you are struggling to get out of bed in the morning, it is time to look at what motivates you at work. Identify where you can start making positive changes in your work and goals, and build a career that motivates you and excites you every day.