Importance of Office Environment

Look around your office and think about what it says about your company’s image. Is it a productive environment that is inviting for clients? Your office environment should meet the needs of both your team members and your clients, motivating staff to be productive, and encouraging clients to continue working with you.

Think about colour. White walls are often a great choice, but sometimes they don’t meet the needs of your staff and clients. Blue, for example, is a common colour in office spaces because it sparks efficiency and learning. Meanwhile, yellow can improve moods and inspire creativity.

Give your staff a break room. Your team members are entitled to a break each day, so accommodate them during their breaks by giving them a space to congregate for lunch, or to just grab snacks and a drink. Offering a coffee machine, water dispensers and fridge can help boost morale.

Offer a comfortable waiting area. Clients that visit your office expect to be treated well, so by having a waiting area, you ensure that your clients are comfortable while they wait.  Add a water cooler, end table with reading material and a flat screen TV to keep your clients entertained.

Provide quality furniture. Your staff require quality furniture to get their work done effectively. Old and outdated furniture can slow down productivity and even lead to injury. Invest in good furniture to ensure your team members are comfortable while doing their job.

Use natural light. Natural light is better for your health and is known to improve morale and mood. Select blinds or shades to allow your staff to control how much light is in the office at any given time.

Decorate the office. Create an inviting office by adding some décor and art throughout the building. These can be picture frames, inspirational words, colourful vases and art canvases. Adding potted plants as well can improve air quality and give your staff something nice to look at.

Without staff, it is impossible to handle the needs of all your clients, and without clients you have no business. Even though there is a lot more involved in managing staff, you can begin by designed an aesthetically appealing, functioning and inviting office environment for them to come to. Adding this professional touch will show staff and clients that you are happy to do what you can to accommodate their needs.