Communicating With Remote Teams

When you work in a shared physical space, work conversations will inevitably happen. There’ll be frequent opportunities for casual conversation or discussing current projects. However, this isn’t the only form of bonding possible when you work with a remote team.

It can be easy to leave your remote team out of work conversations, but they too enjoy the chance to connect with colleagues. Conversation doesn’t have to be limited to the physical office space. Value communicating with remote teams by using chat programs like Teams and Slack.

Since communications with remote teams tend to be more intentional, it is helpful to organise pre-planned time for it. Allocate time throughout the week to communicate with your remote team. Strengthen your team building by having casual conversations that will make up for the ‘watercooler’ conversations they miss out on.

By developing a personal relationship with your remote team, you are boosting connections within your business. Your remote team will be more likely to approach you with any work-related concerns or issues they require solving.

Don’t shy away from using communication programs to organise weekend activities or even share photos of your dog. Our group chat isn’t just for serious discussions about meeting business targets. Use it to boost the relationship between your office and remote teams. This experience helps your remote workers to feel more connected with your company, regardless of their location.

How do you keep your remote team connected?

I have discussed connectivity in this article. Encourage your teams to post their progress for all to see, and link to any resources that may be useful for a project. The great thing about the group chat is that the information remains there for all to see, no matter when your remote workers access the information.

I encourage you to use our group chat to encourage greater communication with remote teams. Conversation is an important part of team building, so place value on it to keep your team happy and connected.