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Developing The Strategy Part Three (3) When dealing with the Indian market it’s important to note that cultural sensitivity, including Bollywood and cricket is never to be ignored. In fact, it is important to incorporate it into your plans at some level. Being from Mumbai naturally made me culturally adept, as Mumbai truly is [...]

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An Idea is Born Part Two (2) It began with an idea. A small group of entrepreneurs, decided they wanted to make an impact on the Indian market, introducing real Italian Espresso coffee to a traditionally faithful tea society. The plan was to provide the exclusive drink, for aspiring cosmopolitan Indians. (You can read the [...]

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Being entrepreneurial is only the beginning, staying entrepreneurial is a lifestyle! Part One (1) Do you think that FMCG start-ups have gone out of fashion? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like they are not cutting the interest of the millennials anymore, as a start-up option. I think in today’s day and age, [...]

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